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Discover the essence of extraordinary skincare at The Cottage Spa & Boutique, where we combine innovative, high-performance products with the expertise of our skilled estheticians to deliver a truly transformative experience. Explore our meticulously curated selection of skincare offerings, designed to cater to your unique needs and elevate your daily regimen. Embrace the exceptional care, cutting-edge formulations, and personalized attention that distinguish The Cottage Spa & Boutique as the premier destination for unparalleled skincare solutions.

UV facial and massage: The ultimate self-care duo for men. Unwind and revitalize your skin at The Cottage Spa, Pacific Palisades.
SkinMedica professional skincare products arranged for a luxurious spa treatment at The Cottage Spa, Pacific Palisades. Experience rejuvenated, radiant skin.

Natalie’s Signature Custom Facial

USD 475
Our best seller: In this custom facial, Skinmedica and other luxury products are used. This is not your standard “one size fits all” facial. The length starts at 90 min to 120 depending on what your skin and relaxation goals are. At The Cottage Spa, we have a very large selection of skin implements ranging from facial cupping (more eastern style), lymphatic drainage to light therapy etc (western). The harmony using both styles creates the ultimate relaxation without sacrificing results.

The Baby Melt Facial

Great if you are on the go and want a glow! The Baby Melt is a streamlined version of our renowned “The Melt” facial, delivering efficient and fuss-free service, no frills or candles without compromising on results. Designed to stimulate lymphatic drainage, this treatment will leave your skin smooth and your muscles relaxed, providing a truly rejuvenating experience. Say goodbye to stress and hello to a baby-soft complexion with The Baby Melt.

50 minutes

USD 188

Skinmedica Signature Facial

In this European style facial using only Skinmedica products you will melt into relaxation. During your 50 minutes, you will receive a double cleanse, extractions, facial massage, and a mask. Light therapy is used as well to enhance the facials efficacy. It’s finished with a deep massage on shoulders and arms. This facial is great for deep hydration and aging skin.

50 minutes

USD 248

Image Skincare® Signature Peel Facial

Image Skincare is a great natural line for any skin type. This product line was designed specifically for facials and can address any issue one has. One thing to note is it’s a great facial for troubled/acne skin. This facial is a standard. European style facial. Double cleanse, extractions, facial massage, mask, and deep tissue neck and arm massage.

50 minutes

USD 260

The Melt – Facial

In this this yummy treatment Natalie combines a deep cleanse followed by a quick handed whip liked feeling, deep exfoliation. She then glides into her custom lymphatic drainage technique, known to her clients as the “finger facelift”. Despite its product simplicity, don’t let this facial fool you. You will get instant results! Expect reduced puffiness, sculpted jaw lines, plumper cheeks, and raise your brows to the high heavens! We call this the “instant facelift” you’ll will leave a new person!

30 minutes

USD 248

Dermaplane (1 session)

Sometimes, dead skin and vellus hair (aka peach fuzz) can leave your skin looking dull and lackluster. Our Dermaplane service is designed to gently remove any unwanted hair and exfoliate dead skin cells. Skilled estheticians will begin with a gentle cleanse before using a hand-held instrument called a dermatome to gently remove vellus hair and dead skin cells, revealing smooth, radiant, and rejuvenated skin.

45 minutes

USD 150

SkinMedica Peel –Illuminize

At The Cottage Spa & Boutique, we believe that everyone deserves vibrant, radiant-looking skin – and our Illuminize Skinmedica Peel is designed to help you achieve just that. This gentle peel helps provide vibrant, radiant-looking skin with minimal downtime, making it the perfect option for those with mild skin imperfections. Our skilled estheticians will begin with a complimentary virtual or in-person consultation to determine if this peel is the right choice for you.

15 minutes

USD 275

Skinmedica Peel – Vitalize

Our Vitalize Skinmedica Peel is designed to help you see results without going too deep into the dermis. This mid-grade level peel is perfect for those new to the world of peels, with down time of up to five days of light peeling. Our skilled estheticians will begin with a complimentary virtual or in-person consultation to determine if this peel is the right choice for you.

30 minutes

USD 375

Skinmedica Peel –Rejuvenize

For those looking for the ultimate in peel experiences, our Rejuvenize Skinmedica Peel is the perfect choice. This strong peel will not disappoint, providing brand new, refreshed skin that will leave you looking and feeling amazing. With up to a week of down time, this peel requires some advanced planning – but the results are well worth it. Meet with one of our estheticians with a pre-booked, complimentary consultation in-person or virtually to determine if this peel is the right choice for you.

30 minutes

USD 400

Peel – Image Skincare Custom Peel

Everyone’s skin is unique, and that’s why we’re proud to offer a customized peel using the Image Skincare line. With a range of different peels at different strengths, we’ll work with you to determine the right peel for your unique skin concerns and goals.  Whether you’re looking for a base glow peel with zero downtime, or a stronger peel with up to a week of downtime, our skilled estheticians will create a customized peel experience just for you. This service can be added on to any Image signature facial, or done alone.  To determine which peel is right for you, a complimentary consultation either in-personal or virtually is required prior to booking.

30 minutes

USD 225

Teen Facial

Our Teen Facial is a specialized skincare treatment created to target and resolve the specific skin issues that often trouble adolescents, such as acne, blemishes, and other common skincare challenges. This facial offers tailored solutions to effectively combat and improve the overall appearance and health of teen skin, leaving it clearer, smoother, and more refreshed. Experience the transformative power of our Teen Facial and take control of your skincare journey today.

50 minutes

USD 188

Skin Care Appointment FAQs

Do we need to talk during my facial?

We offer very unique treatments that are meant to flow without conversation for ultimate relaxation, but if you wish to chat or learn more about your treatment, we are happy to oblige and guide you through your service.

How do I choose a facial treatment?

Prior to and facial treatment for first time clients, clients are required to book a consultation. They can be done in person or over zoom and or Face Time. Based on your skin care concerns and goals, the therapist will recommend which facial program and home care products that will best the deliver the desired results.

Can I book treatments if I'm pregnant?

Before every facial treatment, a consultation will need to take place. Due to pregnancy, hormones affect skin differently at all times during a pregnancy and for that reason it is important to communicate to your Aesthetician. Ingredients that are deemed unsafe for use will not be used. The Aesthetician will asses skin only for only a gentle facial and a Dermaplaning session. All peels are contraindicated to pregnancy and therefor are not offered. The Cottage Spa‘s Policy is to put the safety of the fetus and mother first before any treatment performed.

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